Product Information
Industrial Textile
Silica fiber fabric
Silica fabric has been specially designed for high-temperature use. It provides excellent heat and acoustic protection in environments up to 982℃. It can be used not only for heat treatment and electronic industries, but also aerospace, metal products, and shipbuilding industries.
Continuous use temperature Max.1000℃
Alternative for asbestos
High-temperature insulator with flame resistance and excellent restoration
Chemically stable
Amorphous structure
Range of Application
Aerospace industry : Parts requiring ultra-high temperature heat/ablation resistance
Automotive industry : Enhanced durability and reduced weight, etc.
New renewable energy : Rotor and parts for wind turbine
Civil engineering : Lightweight, reinforcement, and corrosion resistant materials
Parameter Unit Value
Weight g/㎡ 620 ± 50
Width 83 ± 5
Breaking strength (warp) N/㎝ Min. 70
Breaking strength (fill) N/㎝ Min. 44
Thickness mm 0.64 ± 0.07
pH 5 ± 2
Specific gravity 2.1 ± 1
Areal shrinkage % 1.5 ~ 5.0
Silica content % Min. 98