Product Information
Industrial Textile
S-2 Glass fabric
S-2 Glass fabric is a material with very low density and high strength. Therefore, it is superior strength per unit mass than other glass fibers. It replaced Aramid fiber, which has been dominating the defense market, with better price competitiveness and bulletproof protection of the same level.
High tensile strength
Dimensional stability
High heat-resistance, flame-resistance, durability
High thermal conductivity
Chemically stable
Range of Application
Defense : Bulletproof material for tank, armored vehicle, naval vessels
Aerospace : Aircraft, spacecraft, and satellite, etc.
Ship products : High-pressure container, boat, recreational equipment, etc.
Parts that require high mechanical strength at high-temperature or in light weight condition.
Parameter Unit Value
Fiber type S-2 Glass
Weave pattern 8 HS
Yarn type SCG 75 1/0
Weight g/㎡ 300
Breaking strength(warp) N/㎝ 380
Breaking strength(fill) N/㎝ 350
Thickness mm 0.229